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"We all possess something within ourselves that gives us the ability to impact another person.  One single sentence, act of charisma, smile, or conversation can become engraved in someone else forever. This is what drives me to be more welcoming, attentive and present. Different types of interpersonal experiences inspire me and make me more enthusiastic about my own life and the community I am part of.  They empower me to create a climate of inclusion wherever I am.

"Lansing is a community that values embracing people and cultures from around the world.  It is a growing city that is letting its development be steered by this diversity.  This is paramount when building a vibrant community; it is also my ultimate goal.  My vision is to create an environment where individuals and families not only gather amongst each other, but with each other.  I see this happening by providing a genuine Peruvian experience-- one that is full of dreams, passion, food, and conversation.  By sharing these Peruvian principles and the cuisine that brings us together, we will embark on the same journey-- if only for just a moment in time. 


"I dream of, one day, creating a restaurant space that encourages community involvement and fosters mutual respect.  Tantay also strives to be fully intentional with our team members. We have a passion for people, especially the ones working in our food industry.  We aim to advance racial, gender, and LGBTQ equity by creating a work culture that is inclusive and promotes advancement.    

"In a world where division and difference seem to be how we define ourselves, I want to practice inclusion in such a fashion that people will be inspired to do the same.  When you order from Tantay, you are supporting this mission and helping us make this dream a reality."

- Jose Aste, Tantay CEO and Founder

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